Au Naturale Pencil Update – Eye, Brows and Lips

In effort for continuous improvement, Au Naturale continues with upgrading and updating its product with a new pencil launch. This update includes new formulations, colors and packaging. Please see below for details.

New Packaging for ALL Pencils

All pencils now have a color matched cap and smudger so you can easily identify the color you would like for your look.

New Formulation

Our pencils were reformulated to include ingredients for higher performance, easy and smooth use and staying power. The pencils now include:

  • Palm Wax  (Palm Done Right) –  high in vitamin E and antioxidants the prevent damage from free radicals + prevents the signs of aging.
  • Candelilla Wax – gives structure + stick strength to prevent breaking/crumbling when sharpening. Also lends a smooth application while providing a skin protective barrier.
  • Castor Oil – Provides gentle hydration without adverse reactions. Also promotes hair growth.
  • MCT Oil – derived from coconut – great for moisturizing.
  • Ozokerite wax – is a stabilizer for the formulation that lessens brittleness to prevent breakage while sharpening.
  • Jojoba Oil (eye pencils only) – Is a great emollient and moisturizer. Also promotes hair growth for lashes. It lessens the signs of wrinkles with high antioxidants. Removes excess oil and balances skin’s oil levels. Known to reduce inflammation.

Lip Pencils

6 brand new universal colors

Because sometimes less is more. our new colors coordinate with multiple lipsticks, mattes and glosses

  • Petal – a true soft pink
  • Slipper – a warm nude blush
  • Bramble – a saturated berry
  • Acai – a subtle warm plum
  • Spice – a burnt mauve red
  • Auburn – a deep brick red

Topic Ideas

  • Education post on palm oil as it is a controversial ingredient. This blog post on Au Naturale is a great resource
  • Short video illustrating how to use the new products.
  • Pairing pencils with eye shadows
  • Pairing pencils with lippies
  • Brow tutorial

Images and Assets

Feel free to use and/or modify the following images

Brow Pencil Colors

Eye Pencil Colors

Lip Pencil Colors

Packaging Example


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