Limited Time Mini Multisticks

You Pick Them. We Make Them. Introducing our first crowd sourced color palette. See details below. Did you miss out on all the fun?  Be sure you are following Au Naturale on Instagram.

Product Detail

What is better than an Au Naturale multistick?  Three mini multisticks handpicked by our customers!

  • Bewitched – duochrome periwinkle/lilac
  • Enchanted – duochrome icy pink/blue
  • Spellbound – duochrome pink/gold
  • Multisticks can be used on your lips, cheeks and eyes
  • Available as a single purchase for $24 or buy all three for $48
  • Multisticks are a great way to have fun with this year’s trend of monochromatic makeup


Promotional Tips

  • These fun colors will only be available while supplies last. Promoting with a sense of scacity due to limited supplies is a great approach.
  • Use the product page link available in your Shareasale portal
  • Tell your followers your favorite color and why



Feel free to use and/or modify


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