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The best lippies in the world won’t shine unless those lips are nourished and cared for. Enter Au Naturale’s Lip Slick Tinted Lip Oils. These gems can be worn only, as a moisturizing base or a shining top coat. They will take away the ills of harsh winters and rescue your lips once again in dry hot summers. At only $15, they are a great addition to your Clean Color Revolution. See details below.

Lip Slick Tinted Lip Oils

  • Organic and vegan
  • Comprised primarily of organic oils
  • Can be worn alone, used as a base layer or a top glossy coat
  • Three color options:
  • Cassis: a hint of plum berry shine
  • Gala: a touch tangy citrus sheen
  • Rosé: a splash of glassy pink

Why Lip Oils?

  • Boosts hydration
  • Plumps skin cells
  • Soothes dry and chapped lips
  • Creates a glossy (non sticky) gloss

Why Au Naturale?

  • Organic
  • No synthetic coloring
  • Gluten and gmo free
  • Non toxic
  • Paraben free
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan
  • High performance with bold color options
  • All cosmetics are made in small batches in the USA
  • Full transparency with ingredients
  • Woman owned business


“I typically don’t like lip glosses because of how sticky they feel. I have some tinted lip balms that I like but leave almost no shine. This lip oil is a game changer! It leaves your lips shiny but not sticky and it moisturizes! The color is subtle but still there which gives you a natural look. I’m in love!”  Lucy

“This is my first Au Naturale purchase and I am in love! I purchased Cassis, and it was much more purple than in the picture, but it leaves just a hint of berry. The lip oil is beyond nourishing, it is not sticky & does not leave any residue as it wears off. This will definitely be a go to every day for me when I want a little extra something! I cannot wait to purchase more colors!” Jessica

“Makes my lips feel great! I love this lip oil. it has just a hint of color and the oils make my lips feel great. They had been feeling super dry lately, and this made them feel plump and healthy. I love it.” Dawn

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