New Summer Collection

Au Naturale announced its new Summer Collection and it is giving me all the summer feels. With fun multi-sticks and gorgeous colors, this collection has me thinking of beach sunsets. Check out the details below

Summer Collection

The following products are in the new Summer Collection

  • Destiny and Awaken Multisticks – these colors call you to a summer of creativity – who’s to say whether these colors would look best on your eyes, lips or cheeks…or maybe all of the above. I love the simplicity of multisticks for the summer. They are great for traveling or an after beach touch up.
  • Aura Powder Highlighter – add a little powdered sunshine to those sun kissed cheeks.
  • Fortune High Lustre Lip Gloss – capitalize on the wet look lip summer trend with those soft and moisturizing gloss.
  • Save $28 when you buy the entire Summer Collection. Great and affordable way to update your look for the season

Topic/Post Ideas

    • Fun ways to update your look for summer
    • Top ways to get the most out of your multistick
    • New summer look tutorial or InstaStory
    • Hot weather makeup tips (or humid weather if you are a Southern girl)
    • How to create a Monochromatic look
    • Check out Paige’s quick video for inspiration or embed in your own post

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